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Alhamdulillah, iErTA International Olympiad 2024 has successfully completed!
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Olympiad in Online

Rules of giving online Olympiad:

  • Status: Closed!
  • When Olympiad begin, click this link below and give exam in time. Remember that after time ups the answer sheet will automatically submitted, so try to finish exam within this time.
  • Type of Questions: 50 MCQs
  • Time: 30 Minutes
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through Live Chat (ierta.org) or email (iertaofficial@gmail.com)


Alhamdulillah, iErTA International Olympiad 2024 successfully completed. ZazakaLLah Khairan to all for participating this Olympiad. To err is human, if something went wrong in someone's result then please inform us through Live chat at www.ierta.org
Due to some restrictions, we don't provide the result in publicly! Only Examinee can get access to see their own results.
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About Olympiad 2024

Alhamdulillah, we are searching
The Productive Human! By this first time iErTA International Olympiad 2024 you can get a chance to work with us, remember that olympiad doesn't justify you that you are so brilliant or something like this, it's just a way to catch us. All types of student (Male/Female) can participate this olympiad, we are requesting you please share this image(io24.jpg) to solial media platforms & invite your friends to participate this olympiad... ZazakaLLah Khairan. ♥️

  1. Status: Closed!
  2. Prizes (Hadia):
      1st - A Smart Watch and Advisor
      From Place 1 to 100 - Pro Member of iErTA Team, a custom email (like yourname@ierta.org) and a special surprise
  3. Topics: Religion (Quran, Hadith, Sirah of Muhammad Sallallahu Alahi wa sallam), Science, General Knowledge and Others
  4. Type of Questions: MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
  5. Amount & Time: 50 MCQ by 40 Minutes
  6. Exam Time: 01/06/2024, Saturday, at 7:00 (PM)
  7. Last Time of Registration: 01 June 2024 5:59:59 (PM)
  8. Version (Language): English and Bangla
  9. Medium: Online
  10. Participants: Both Male and Female Worlwide
  11. Exam Link: Visible when exam star
Note: You have must provide your Registration ID (which we sent you) and phone number or Email in the answer sheet, otherwise we cannot identify your details.